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Senior Project


Dragonfly was the company and brand I created during my Semester-long Senior Project class in school. Dragonfly helps alleviate the problems caused by too much screen time in children and their parents’ lives. These posters explain what Dragonfly is, the goals Dragonfly sets out to achieve, the Design Thinking utilized and what the experience will look like for Dragonfly users.

Dragonfly works in three phases. First, by bringing awareness to the problem of too much screen time for children. Second, it helps parents in limiting screen time for them and their children. Lastly, children and parents can develop a stronger relationship by becoming involved in more activities off-screen.


These materials would be used by Dragonfly employees, promoting Dragonfly and communicating with each other and clients. The iridescent color scheme was inspired by the colors of dragonflies when viewed at a microscopic level. The typography was chosen as something soft and easy-going which in turn became inviting and playful.


These Activity cards were created as one of the main tools to promote off-screen activity. They would be used in the last phase of Dragonfly’s plan. These cards are categorized by each season and the age of the child. You can see the season on the bottom left of the card and would be further separated in the packaging I made.

The three age groups are Toddler,
School-ager, and Teenager with its corresponding logo representing the three stages of a Dragonfly. Each age group has pre-made activities in each season to get started but ultimately many of the cards are blank for families to write in activities themselves.  


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